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Hi, I’m Mya Constantino.

I’m reporting live from the city streets of Las Vegas. I’m a full-time wanderer and an advocate for humanity. Here, you’ll find some of my greatest discoveries. A collection of ideas, inspiration, perspectives, and artistry. Through these findings, I embark on one of my greatest missions, to ultimately create myself. #Searchingformya is dedicated to healing, self-alchemy and expression.

Great beauty is found in the many complexities of life and it’s my mission to explore every single one of them.

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12 Ways To Beat Post Travel Depression

Ah, at last! That dark unfathomable thing that people don't talk enough about, and that’s... Post-Travel-Depression. It's alive and well people, and the thing is, it may feel like this endless hole that’s impossible to get out of. But don’t worry, there are remedies...

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Aspiring story-teller. Wanderer. A lover of humans.