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There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside you — Maya Angelou

Hey there, Mya here! I’m a city gal searching for trees and open land. (metaphorically and physically) I made my way from the city of Portland to the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. In the mid 2000’s my father’s music career brought him to Las Vegas, which meant, it was time for the entire family to migrate over too.

I traded my ponds and pine trees for Vegas desert and cacti. It was quite the change for a little girl whose only known forests and rain but at the time, it was the best option for all of us.

Young Mya - searchingformya

Fast forward years later…

In 2016, on one November afternoon my mom and I were hit by a truck driver. Nothing was left–the car was totalled…it was a miracle we survived it. All I could think was that I was grateful that her and I were alive and that I wouldn’t let a moment in my life pass unconsciously…

Months later, I decided to take off on my own journey. Leaving my dead end job and past behind. I’ll admit, I was lost. I didn’t know which direction to take. I spent several years sacrificing myself for those around me, I watched as relationships in my life began to dissipate and by the end of it all –I had forgotten who I was.

So, I took off. I brought a ziplock bag of cash, a luggage of clothes, my red journal and took the next plane to Europe. I had been searching hopelessly for answers and I was determined to find them…

I made it to 13 countries that summer.

During my journey through Europe, I noticed that while being alone in a foreign country, I was met with all neglected and unhealed parts of myself.

“Wherever you go, there you are” — Jon Kabat-Zinn

I realized, being in a beautiful foreign country didn’t matter, all of who I was would inevitably resurface. There was no escaping this reality, there was no escaping myself.

Within my red, beaten up pasta stained journal (that’s a long one) I began documenting everything that flowed within me. I wrote fiercely and hopelessly on days when I felt most isolated. It acted as my anchor. I spent weeks in a bus filled with folks from all over the world –Australia, Canada, parts of Europe…some I even had the chance of getting to know deeply. (we still write to one another)

That summer, I learned a bit about the art of letting go, the uncomfortable comfort that change evokes, and the steady process of acceptance. Since that journey in 2017, inner-discovery and healing have been the driving forces in how I move through world.

I’ve had the honor of getting to know the hearts of many these past few years. I couldn’t be more grateful for what each person has shown me. I’m a believer in stories and that we learn from the journeys of others so that we too, can create a story of our own.

Inspirations — Mission

I’m inspired by humanity, people’s stories, by the thing that gets people moving out of bed each day. I’m inspired by communities that inspire, encourage and empower humans to be everything they are and were meant to be –Darling Magazine, Stylelikeyou, and Good Life Project to name a few.


People that I find myself pulling inspiration from are Elliott Hulse, Elizabeth Gilbert, Brendon Burchard, and Maya Angelou. For the way they’ve inspired others to move more purposely through life, for their courageous work and for the way they ignite the fire of life within me.


Meet, my rockstar of a dad, my gracious mother, and my bright hearted sister. I guess you can say, “the apples don’t fall far from the tree.” I have each of them to thank for displaying courage, resilience and kindness growing up. Like any family, who’s gone through the tests of time with one another, our relationships have evolved (it’s not perfect) but we’ve been blessed to share a loving and supportive dynamic. 

This is my grandma, Amelia. Grandma “Melly” as some liked to call her. She was a driven Journalist. Writer by day and a soft spoken gentle woman by night. I remember waking up to the tapping of her typewriter as she diligently worked on newspaper columns and stories. Putting on her spectacles, scanning magazines carefully with her magnifying glass. She plays a huge role in who I am today and the person I’m on my way to becoming. This woman lives and speaks through me!

I’m the youngest of 3. Meet, my sister–Maribeth and my brother–Edgar! We are a unique bunch but have had each other’s backs since the dawn of time. Like any siblings, we fight, banter, nudge at each other’s weak points (normal right) lol! But, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Music -Dance -Self-Expression

There are moments in life that shape us. Moments we had no idea would be apart of who we are. This one, pictured above was one of “those” moments. I’m hugged by the purity of my childhood. I’m reminded of my innate power.
My joy, passions and all things that matter in my life. Music, art but most importantly –expression. I’ve come to know this little girl very well and revert back to this photo when I feel lost and have forgotten who I am.

Musical Inspirations

I grew up listening to Motown records, Diana Ross, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, and The Supremes. I continue to search for that “soul” infused nostalgia in every artist I come across. Some artists that make my soul move—FKJ, Tom Misch, Clement Bazin, Odesza, Young The Giant, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Lorde, Troye Sivan, Lucy Rose, Khruangbin and Allen Stone.

A piece, by an artist named, Vladimir Kush, called “Eye of the needle” one of my favorite artists, whose work inspires me to remain a dreamer in this world. He incorporates surrealism and hints of nature into his paintings. Mythology and abstract ideas hidden and intertwined in every one of his pieces…the kind of creative work that evokes endless ideas.

One of my ALL time favorite films, “Selena.” The story of her journey through stardom. This film is beautifully put together and they cast some of the best to play the roles. Anyone could appreciate this film. It’s jam-packed with family, music, love —exactly the way I like it! (I cry every single time) Selena was a huge part of my childhood. I mean, a trip to grandma’s house meant –a night dancing and singing passionately to Selena. Where do you think I get my sweet dance moves from?

This space is for a community dedicated to healing, evolvement, and internal empowerment.

Expression through words | Words & Stories for healing.

With love,