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Our personal style has the ability to speak for us, speak through us even. It says, what we ourselves may have difficulty expressing to our outside world. Normally, I’m rocking pieces of clothing that make me feel empowered that day. A black beanie, long printed jacket and a pair of boots. Usually paired with mauve lips and a winning smile (most of the time). I love feeling androgynous but love playing it light and comfortable. Let’s just say, empowerment is what I strive to embody every day, kinda like I could run the show of any stage I step foot on!

“A personal style is like handwriting– it happens as the byproduct of seeing things, enriched by the experiences of everything around us.”

-Massimo Vignelli

Our style gives us space to make bold choices and even inspire us to take a few chances that we’ll remember forever. Even, style choices that say “Hey, I’m here world! I’m ready to kick ass” or “I’m feeling serene and introspective today.” We’re dynamic humans that have the ability to express what we’re feeling from the inside out, it’s a beautiful thing, really. We hold the power to decide everyday just exactly who we want to be. Now, what does YOUR style say about you?

Whatever that may look like to you, ask yourself these few things:

What does your style say about you? How has it changed over time?

My dear friend and personal style blogger @sheiladiezmo and I gathered 10 different women and asked them what their style said about them!

Let’s take a look at what they had to say!

Sheila | @sheiladiezmo

What does your style say about you?

When it comes to my personal style, I like to keep it fairly minimal but fun, tailored yet overall relaxed, and whenever possible, I like to make sure comfort is at the top in whatever I am wearing! Whether it is for a casual day out with my sister or a fancy dinner with friends. If allowed for the occasion, I am someone who will trade heels for sneakers, ANY DAY, even when pairing with a dress! I think this shows that I like to have an active lifestyle and I am always on the go. My days are usually composed of running errands, taking care of my dogs, going to the gym, and going to work. Keep it casual is definitely my motto. I feel that this also goes for my personality. I’m pretty relaxed, friendly, and approachable. I like to go with the flow and will be down for almost anything! As for my taste in clothes, I tend to be drawn into designs inspired by bohemian and beachy styles. I think this stems from growing up on an island in the Philippines where I remember going to the beach on the weekends with my family. I loved collecting shells on the beach and walking to nearby markets to see art, jewelry, and clothes that were being sold by the locals there.

How has your style changed over time?

When I moved to the U.S., my style changed many times, but I’ve always included bohemian, beachy items in my wardrobe. Growing up, I feel that my change of style was influenced by my age, social groups I was surrounded by, the music that I would listen to, and the fashion trends that would come about. During freshman year of high school, I wore heavy eyeliner and a mix of fitted and baggy clothes. I had an edgy and tomboyish style and I think this was influenced by the k-pop, rock, and hip hop music that I listened to and being in a breakdancing club. Yes, breakdancing! I was super into it and it really defined the clothes I wore. In the later years of high school, I developed a more feminine style as I started to spend more time in my fashion design courses, I was going out with my girlfriends more often, and was constantly getting inspiration from celebrities, bloggers, and fashion figures on how they would dress. Going into college and now, my style definitely matured even more, but I realize I am still incorporating certain styles I would wear before but refreshed and modernized to my current taste. Today, I might be seen wearing a buttoned-down relaxed shirt, loose-fitting but tailored jeans, pointed mules, a shell necklace, and a scarf tied around my hair. This is something that would represent who I was before, who I am today, and who I might be tomorrow from little surprising details I have tied into my whole look.

Alyssa | @lyzamae

What does your style say about you?

As the ever-fashionable Rachel Zoe once said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” I couldn’t agree more with her statement! My personal style is a mix of a little bit of everything — simple yet unique, timeless yet trendy, classic yet modern, feminine with a touch of masculinity. Depending on my mood or the occasion, I often find myself creating a look that’s a blend of one or all of these. In other words, I guess you can say my style is pretty much “all over the place” — which basically describes me in a nutshell. In some ways, I’m orderly, well put-together, and organized but in other ways, I’m a little messy, random, and free-spirited. Sometimes I like to keep it simple and sleek and wear neutrals or all black; other times I like to take risks and go bold with prints and other trendy pieces. One of my go-to’s at the moment is pairing a classic staple, like this vintage Levi’s denim jacket, with a contemporary dressy/trendy piece, such as this animal print satin midi skirt. With the oversized, boxy-ness of the jacket and the flowy, form-fitting silhouette of the skirt, this look also blends femininity with masculinity — a juxtaposition of styles I will never grow tired of. Throwing in some sneakers ‘cause I’m all about comfort nowadays and a canvas tote bag to keep things casual (and because I have a million and one things I like to lug around with me for no good reason — it’s essentially a carry-all that will never go out of style, IMO!) Basically, like many of us are, I’m one of many different quirks and traits and interests whose style is a reflection of all of that. Because we are so multi-faceted, trying to describe what our personal style says about us is no easy feat — therefore, let’s defer to Rachel Zoe’s words and let our style speak for itself! 

How has your style changed over time?

Over time, my style has gone through a bunch of different phases: tomboy, preppy, grungy, boho — each contributing bits and pieces to what my current style has evolved to be. I definitely have my share of cringe-worthy, “what was I thinking” fashion moments (lol) but they all helped shape what my style is today. Back then, it was more about quantity for me but now, it’s all about the quality. I used to want to buy everything I thought was cute or trending at the time but now I find myself being more selective and paying more attention to the long-term value a piece of clothing has. To me, the more versatile and timeless a piece is, the better. Being more value-conscious and putting quality over quantity not only helps me reduce wastefulness and unnecessary spending, but are ways in which my style continues to evolve. As I continue to grow and change for the better, I hope my style never stops growing and changing along with me — and that is my hope for everyone as well!

Michelle | @pinkhousehenna

What does your style say about you?

I think it symbolizes my love for creativity. I feel like I’m comfortable in my own skin. It’s very unique, outside of anyone else. It’s just for me to wake up and walk out the door regardless of whatever is going on in my life, putting on something that makes me feel comfortable in my body. It can do a lot for you, you know. Several of my things are thrifted, the majority of it is thrifted. I love clothes with history and substance and not just buying something at the mall. I don’t know, it doesn’t have any depth to it. That’s just me. I’m a very deep person, I find a lot of meaning in everything.

How has your style changed over time?

When I was younger, it used to be this need to feel good for other people. To wear what was popular, to wear what was trendy because I wasn’t connected to myself and who I was. As I’ve evolved and grown into my own skin, the pieces I choose to put on my body are very significant. As I’ve grown it’s grown with me. It’s not a brand name, it’s not what people would consider the most trendy thing to wear at the moment. But, that’s what my fashion was. When I was younger, it was the most popular thing. Now, that I’m not as concerned with that–it is for my own joy and comfortability. But also, not identifying with it either. It’s not meant for me to. I don’t like being the center of attention. That’s why I feel so awkward taking photos. I know I may look photogenic but I’m more of a person who likes to observe and be on the outside. I get compliments on my style when people see it but I don’t know…it’s not for them. You know, anything that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin is important, inwardly and outwardly. I think for me, it’s very important for it to be just for me.

Hui | @ein.geist | photo by @astr0blaster

What does your style say about you?

I think my personal style is still evolving and growing, just like I am. I put care into the colors I wear because it reflects how I’m feeling that day and how I want to represent in the world. I try to have fun with it, mixing textures, layers, and accessories and making it up as I’m getting dressed for the day. My clothes help me feel confident even when I don’t feel it on the inside. For instance, I’ll wear an all monochrome red or green look when I need to face something I’m scared of. I think my hair has also been a big part of my personal style. I feel like I’ve grown up with the different colors I’ve had and can directly tie my memories to my past hair colors. Now that my hair is black, I feel like I’m entering a new phase where my hair color doesn’t define the way I dress, and I’m pretty at peace with it.

How has it changed over time?

I think it’s definitely changed after moving to NYC. I feel freer to dress how I want. Before, the way I dressed was influenced only by what I could find online. Looking at the way people dressed in Tokyo, looking at fashion on Tumblr, and watching movies- it all shaped the way my style changed. When I finally moved to NYC it was so easy because there were more vintage stores that had things I felt connected to and walking thru SoHo and downtown helped me see what trends I liked and didn’t. Weather also plays a major part in how my style changed. Back in Vegas, it was so hard trying to wear the things I liked because it’s too hot and I just wasn’t the type of person that could wear casual things to go to Walmart. I remember my mum always had to give me an hour notice before we headed out because I loved any opportunity to wear my clothes. Living in NYC, and most recently in London, gave me more creative freedom with layering and changing my style because I got to experience seasons. Since I take public transport a lot now, I try to keep my body less revealed because I don’t want unwanted attention. I don’t feel comfortable wearing things that are too figure hugging sometimes or come off as more feminine, but it all changes from day to night as well.

Alo | @w0ahitsalo

What does your style say about you?

My style speaks for me. Everything that needs to be said is shown through what I wear and how I wear it. Day to day, you can glance at me and see everything you need to know about how I’m feeling that day, just based off of my styling choices. Some days I’m edgier; I wear brash T-shirt’s, super ripped jeans, with layers of loud metal jewelry. Other days I’m playful and wear 3 shades of pink, chunky bright red boots, and disco ball earrings. Not a single outfit is ever the same, just like a day in my life isn’t the same. I never know what to expect going into each day, what the universe will throw at me, but I know every day will be filled with excitement. Every day serves as a new opportunity to live the life I want to live. So when I have the opportunity to choose how my day is going to be and choose what I wear every morning, why would I choose dullness, why would I choose to not make the most out of my day and what I am wearing? It’s a clean canvas every morning that you’re able to play with. There is excitement and life all around us, there is no time for people to not wear what they want and live the life they want. If anything that’s what my style says about me, I’m choosing excitement, I’m choosing to step out of my comfort zone, and I am choosing to live my life freely, passionately, and unapologetically.  

How has your style changed over time?

My style has evolved in many ways over the course of my life. I’ve always worn what I’ve wanted to, but my style definitely has changed from where it was to what it is now. As a fashion lover, a film Costume Designer, and someone who has spent three years and counting working retail, I’ve learned to look at clothes so much differently than I used to. There is so much power in putting on clothes in the morning. If you ever look around at people on the street and think “They made a choice to put on exactly what they’re wearing, they made a choice to buy that shirt and those shoes,” it’s really interesting to think about. I think because of this, my style has evolved into choices. BOLD choices. Choices that allow me to express who I am and who I am becoming.

Here’s my take on what my style says about me:

What does your style say about you?

My style is ever changing. It says a lot about who I am and who I’m striving to become. It gives voice to what I’m feeling internally. I love playing with the masculine parts of myself, pairing beanies with long patterned jackets or sometimes bold colored blazers along with ripped up jeans. I need to feel comfortable but I also love wearing pieces that make me feel like a badass-that-doesn’t-take-shi*-from-anyone. I usually gravitate towards bold, chunky pieces. Perhaps, a chunky jeweled jacket or a blouse with fringe! My “statement pieces” as I would like to call them! Other days, I’m rocking a soft bohemian one piece, a sunhat, and 1,000 + rings. My style speaks to my love for adventure and the yearning to be bold in every part of my life but also my softness and my inherent love for simplicity and earthy tones. It speaks to the love I have for taking chances, remaining courageous, stepping into the fire (perhaps once or twice) and embracing every bit of it. 

How has your style changed over time?

My style has changed based on the comfortability level with myself. Growing up I used to dress for others, for the trends and all. I always felt like I needed to keep up with what was “IN” and what society deemed as “beautiful.” Now, it only feels right to dress only for me and wear what makes me feel whole. I’ve found freedom within myself and in more ways than one I see that emerging from the inside out. I also believe in innovating existing pieces, watching a thrifted blazer move through time, collecting age and experience as one embarks on new adventures. Over time, my style has become bolder, brighter, more aligned with who I am. I’ve learned to embrace my masculine elements, never failing to add a bit of feminine flavor into the mix! 

I hope you’ve had as much fun exploring these styles, as we’ve had creating this piece together! Head over to ⟶ to meet more personalities and see what they have to say about their style! Thank you for reading!


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